Traditional Stars Lehnga Choli

Traditional Stars Lehnga Choli

Spending money Traditional Stars Lehnga Choli on attire to look different and fashionable may not match the time it takes to plan and choose the perfect combination of color fabric finish and feel. It is every girl’s desire to look fashionable and elegant that her entire outfit lehnga choli when present looks unique in some way. As in Pakistan we usually wear shalwar kameez so if you want to achieve a unique fashion look switch. Lehnga choli is a traditional dress and is worn in many parts of India and Pakistan especially on the Rajasthan Tharparker and Hyderabad side. When you travel to these regions you will find local women wearing lehnga choli or ghagra choli working in the field or shopping.

Lehnga Choli
Lehnga Choli

Manufacture of Lehnga Choli

Many substances are use in the manufacture of lehnga such as silk raw silk cotton sprint Georgette and even chunri. Chunter tie n dye gives lehnga choli a beautiful look. The local woman wears a lot of jewelry and bracelets to complement her look. Because are also a local tailor needs almost 14 meters of fabric to sew ghagra or lehnga.

Sleeveless lehnga choli

For a modern look you can mix the western style fuse skirt with this local style lehnga or what you can do is wear it as it is with a fit and fit sleeveless lehnga choli and a 3 meter long dupatta. Get a matching lace sew on all the edges of your dupatta and wear it with an undo. It will definitely declare you as the most trendy girl out there.

Style of lehnga choli

Young and beautiful Star Plus virgins have made many clothes popular with college girls and even their mothers. Star Plus bahu suits are also like a new wave to create a change. Local retailers in any bridal clothing store can help you choose the specific style of lehnga choli or scree worn by choti bahu or rookie raja actress Ki aye go barat.

Usually girls get excite by wearing the same style that their favorite character had in one of the popular soap opera series lehnga choli. You can also see many girls demanding a particular outfit worn by one of their favorite stars Plus bahus.

Simple lehnga choli trim

Our suggestion is not to limit this outfit just as a wedding outfit but to wear it often to create a fashion statement. Do some new experiments and variations with this ethnic outfit to make it more comfortable and casual. In the summer season lehnga choli choose light cotton in cooler tones and mix and match to create a great effect. If you are also want the orange tones choose corals and mix them with teal or white. If you prefer shades of pink choose a soft baby pink flower choli and a simple lehnga choli trim with chicken lace.

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