Indian Wedding Stationary for Groom Fashion

Indian Wedding Stationary for Groom Fashion

Times change Indian Wedding Stationary for Groom Fashion as do all customs and rituals. Where guests in the past eagerly await a wedding with great anticipation and look at a wedding invitation and thought about. What was in store but these days guests would like. To have detail wedding stationary and know everything beforehand. It gives them time to understand what awaits them what to prepare for and thus they can get involve in the wedding fashion in a more forgiving way. Indulgence – that’s what Indian weddings represent right?

The following are some wedding stationary ideas that you can include when planning your wedding. Wedding Invitation – The centerpiece of your wedding paper the wedding invitation lets your guests know the date time and location of your wedding ceremony fashion. In addition to the name of the bride and wedding stationary groom it also bears the name of family members and very close relatives.

Wedding Stationary
Wedding Stationary

Reception Card at Wedding Stationary

Reflects the style of the wedding stationary: formal informal or base on a specific theme. It basically consists of an outer envelope fashion with the name of the recipient and an inner card with all the details.

Reception card: It may be a good idea to include a reception card at wedding stationary, with the most important invitation card if the dinner or post-marriage party is elsewhere or on another day. The guests here may be different from the wedding guests as it can only be for your professional guests. For friends and acquaintances fashion who reside in another city.

Information About Wedding Stationary

Response Cards – Sometimes RSVPs or response cards fashion are sent along with wedding invitations in a self-address stamp envelope. This is to confirm the number of guests and / or their menu and other preferences fashion. But in most RSVP cards are not sent to Indian wedding stationary as they expect. The maximum number of guests to arrive at the venue and bless the couple.

Wedding Program Brochure: If you are having a wedding and have different characteristics spanning different days. Typical for North Indian weddings you can design. A Wedding Program Brochure fashion as a wedding stationary to be sent along with the invitation. It contains all the necessary information about the various characteristics like ‘Sangeet fashion’ ‘Mehendi’ ‘Sagan’ Cocktail etc. Their importance and also the dress code for the guests. You can also include the wedding stationary explanation of unknown rituals in the ceremony if you expect a lot of foreign guests.

Capital and Wedding Stationary for Groom

You can add the map of the capital and wedding stationary. Other places along with the second wedding that is stationary fashion. If you’re expecting some outing guests you can also include information about where they want to hang out. As well as some fun and touristy things they can do in their spare time between different functions.

Menu Cards: Menu cards are becoming very popular fashion at wedding stationary. As nowadays no one likes to sit down to eat when they have no idea what to serve.

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